How can we participate?


Projects should focus on creativity and impact. Projects should capture the imagination and inspire, but also have the effect of reducing plastic use in some way in your community. Community may be defined as closely as the kids in the school lunchroom or as broadly as your town, city, or whole state. We welcome you to create an idea from scratch, or if your school is already working on a plastic pollution reduction project, to take it to the next level.

Get Involved!

Work together with your friends to spread the word on plastic reduction issues to your schools, family and communities at large. Be sure to take pictures and share your stories with us!

Sign up HERE to participate in the Story of Stuff 4 week Citizen Muscle Boot Camp!

This is a 4 week on-line changemaking program happening from Oct. 13th to November 10th, 2014.

Download more information about the Citizen Muscle Boot Camp HERE.

Submit a project HERE to the 2015 POPS International Youth Summit.

Download more information on all of Algalita's awesome programs HERE.

Some tips on organizing a project:

  1. Consider the issues related to plastic pollution in your community. Is there a specific need that can be addressed with a concrete solution?
  2. Have a solid plan with clear and measurable goals. Work to create a clear, step-by-step plan of how you can make your idea a reality.
  3. Outline your steps with a timeline and budget if necessary.
  4. Identify your target audience/population.
  5. Be creative! Does your project demonstrate a fresh idea or you have a unique spin on something that is tried-and-true?
  6. Do you think your project could be easily replicated in other communities or at other schools? If yes, this is probably a strong idea!
  7. Inspire others! Think of a clever approach to communicating and sharing your project with us and your community via a YouTube or Vimeo link.