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Host a Screening

Since Bag It's Since Bag It's premiere in 2010, over 1,000 festivals, nonprofits, theaters, churches and community organizations have hosted screenings of Bag It across the world! We invite you to host a screening in your community next.

Host a Screening at your School

To order a public exhibition for schools or libraries, please be in touch with our Educational Distributor, New Day Films or click on the button below. Then, take a peek at our Bag It Screening Tool Kit for ideas about planning your event!

Host a screening at your festival, church or non-profit organization!

If you are a festival, nonprofit, church, community organization or an individual, we welcome you to host a screening of Bag It in your community, at any location that works for you.
Showing Bag It in your community is easy; just keep in mind that you'll need to rent or purchase a public exhibition copy of the film before using the DVD for your community event.
To order a public exhibition for your organization, please be in touch with our distributor, New Day Films.

Bring Bag It to your Local Movie Theater!

Through Tugg, you can host a screening of Bag It at the time, date and theater of their choice! To request a screening, go to the Bag It page on Tugg, select your screening details, and then spread the word to your community. Once a necessary amount of people commit to attending, the event will be confirmed, and Tugg will reserve the theater, manage ticketing and ensure delivery of the film; allowing you to sit back and enjoy the show. For more about how to bring Bag It to your local theater, visit Tugg

You can also use your event to raise money to help meet your activism goals with Tugg’s contributions feature. You can raise funds for your local cause or organization. For more details e-mail

To share details about Tugg and Bag It with a friend, please download this information page and pass it on!

Become a Bag It Education Advocate!

Bag It invites you to make a difference in your community! For a tax-deductible donation of $750, Bag It Education Advocates receive 10 Bag It Educational DVDs and companion curriculum guides to donate to local schools or libraries. To become an Education Advocate, contact us at


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page for answers to common queries. For questions about your New Day order, contact Karen Knox at

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